Sea Buckthorn Lager, GF

DKK 35,00




Producing Methods

This Gluten reduced lager is fermented slow and cold over a long period of time. Maturing the beer in cold storage makes it crisp and smooth.  It is brewed with sea buckthorn berries, which is called the passion fruit of Scandinavia.

In Norse mythology elements are personified, such as the Sun (Sól, a goddess), the Moon (Máni, a god), and Earth (Jörð, a goddess). We dedicate this beer to sun and summer.

Tasting Notes

Rich, complex maltiness combined with a pronounced yet soft and rounded bitterness and spicy flavor from american hops. Bitterness is prominent but never harsh, and does not linger. The aftertaste is balanced between malt and hops. Clean, no fruity esters.

Food Pairings

Works well with salmon, tuna & other high-fat, oily fish and with marbled meats; bitterness offers pleasing contrast with sweet reductions and sauces