Gin & Tonic IPA

DKK 35,00




Producing Methods

A glutenfree Gin&Tonic IPA where hop bitterness and flavors from juniper berries are combined. To give an extra kick of juniper berries, we sacrificed our favorite bottle of London dry gin to the old Gods over the hops, when we dryhopped the beer with Cascade, Nugget, Columbus and Simcoe hops.

We dedicate this beer to Röskva who is servant of the god Thor. Together with her brother, they take care of Thors family and the house Bilskirnir.

Tasting Notes

Great example of an American IPA with lots of bitterness from cascade, nugget, simcoe which gives notes like citrus, pine and tropical fruits. Taste of juniper berries, comes both from juniper berries in the boil and the bottle of gin we sacrificed to the gods over the dryhops.

Food Pairings

An IPA can act as a palate cleanser. The hoppiness of the beer can help cleanse and increase the flavors of a juicy ripeye or a steak. IPA is also perfect for eating heavy, fatty foods, such as sausage, deep-fried meats or French fries. The IPA easily counterbalances the salty, fried taste.

33 cl. // 6,5% vol.