Belgian Dark Ale

DKK 35,00



Producing Methods

This Belgian inspired Christmas Ale is brewed with selected caramel malts and American hops. The sweetness from the caramel malts generates a pleasant balance to the spices and the bitter hops added to this beer. This makes it perfect to be enjoyed with family and friends in wither and Christmas time.

Tasting Notes

This Christmas beer has a beautiful mixture of Christmas spices such as fennel seeds, cloves, coriander and orange peel. Plums, raisins, orange and licorice. all of the above makes this beer complex with a solid ground depth and complex aroma where every sip can generate new flavors.

Food Pairings

Big, intense dishes such as roast beef, lamb or game, grilled or roasted. Very suitable for meat with lots of fat like pork or a ribeye.