Bavarian Weissbier

DKK 35,00



Producing Methods

Bavarian Weissbier with a twist of Danish nature, since we brewed this beer with a yeast isolated from a bee. The recipe is inspired by the 500 years old wheat beer traditions from the Bavarian Alps.

Freja is the goddess of fertility and the most beautiful of all the Norse goddesses. She often drives a wagon pulled by big cats, and lives in one of the largest castles in Asgaard called Folkvang.

Tasting Notes

Classic German wheat ale, made with a high ratio of wheat in the grain bill. The “hefe” in the name means yeast, indicating that the yeast hasn’t been filtered out—which is why these beers are served cloudy and delicious. Flavors it malty and bready and fruity, with a low hop bitterness. The most important flavors here come from the use of a special yeast, which we found on a honey bee.

Food Pairings

Classically paired with weisswurst (white sausage); contrasts with pungent, intense aromatics such as mustard flavors, pickles, horseradish and cured meats, however fish, sushi and a cold weissbier are just yummy together.